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php-logo-svgWelcome to these pages from TheUrbanPenguin we can provide both free training via these videos and, if you prefer to work direct with the penguin, then we can offer online training at a reasonable cost. You of course may choose a little of both; either way you know you are gaining the traning without the overheads of having to be away from home or work. The training happens at a device close to you.

No matter if you think of PHP as Personal Home Page tools to the recursive acronym PHP Hypertext processor you will get to know PHP here!

Lesson # Description Click to Access
1 Testing your PHP Installation Click to Access
2 Testing Browsers with PHP Click to Access
3 Manage openLDAP Users with PHP Click to Access
4 Adding data to MySQL with PHP and Web Forms Click to Access
5 Sanitize PHP Form data to prevent XSS Attacks Click to Access