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linuxWelcome to these pages from TheUrbanPenguin we can provide both free training via these videos and, if you prefer to work direct with the penguin, then we can offer online training at a reasonable cost. You of course may choose a little of both; either way you know you are gaining the training without the overheads of having to be away from home or work. The training happens at a device close to you.

Lesson # Description Click to Access
1 Understanding Linux File-systems and XFS Click to Access
2 Using SQUASHFS to create compressed File Systems Click to Access
3 Command Line LVM Management Click to Access
4 LVM Snapshots as part of your back strategy Click to Access
5 Software RAID from the command line Click to Access
6 Mount USBs to permanent locations with UDEV and BLKID Click to Access
7 Managing external storage on the Raspberry Pi Click to Access
8 Fault tolerant disk storage with ZFS Pools Click to Access