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lpic-1-mediumWelcome to this self-study video series of tutorials for the LPIC-1 Linux Administrator. These videos can be used in preparing you for the LPI,(Linux Professional Institute), The LPIC-1 certification is the entry-level professional certification of LPI program. LPIC-1 is designed for the Linux professional seeking to gain their first certification or first administration role in Linux. The program has been developed with the advice of hundreds of Linux professionals and some of the world’s leading technology companies.

LPIC-1 Linux Administrator

LPIC-1 is the first certification in LPI’s multi-level Linux Professional certification program. The LPIC-1 will validate your ability to perform maintenance tasks with the command line, install & configure a computer running Linux and be able to configure basic networking. For those serious about making a start in Linux Administration this is a true vendor-independent certification.

To gain the certification there are two required exams to pass:

  • LPIC-1 101 – exam 101-400
  • LPIC-1 102 – exam 102-400

The exams can be taken in any order but it does make sense to take them in the 101 102 order. The knowledge that you gain in part 1 will help with part2. Studying for the exams could not be easier with the free training listed below.

Free Training

Exam 101 LPIC-1 Part 1

  1. Determine and configure hardware settings. :
  2. Booting the System. :
  3. Change run levels and shutdown or reboot system. :
  4. Design Hard Disk layout:  Partition tables. :
  5. Design Hard Disk layout: Managing swap space. :
  6. Design Hard Disk layout:  Planning volume usage. :
  7. Design Hard Disk layout:  Logical Volume Manager. :
  8. Install a boot manager: Legacy GRUB. :
  9. Install a boot manager: GRUB2. :
  10. Manage shared libraries. :
  11. Use Debian package management. :
  12. Use RPM and YUM package management. :
  13. Work on the command line. :
  14. Process text streams using filters: Expand and Unexpand. :
  15. Process text streams using filters: Split. :
  16. Making effective use of the paste command to join files:
  17. Process text streams using filters: Join. :
  18. Process text streams using filters: Sed. :
  19. Process text streams using filters: Tr. :
  20. Process text streams using filters: Fault finding with cat and od. /a>:
  21. Perform basic file management: mkdir, rmdir and rm -rf. :
  22. Perform basic file management: cp and mv. :
  23. Perform basic file management: Using find. :
  24. Working with redirection, streams, and pipes. :
  25. Create, monitor and kill processes. :
  26. Modify Process Execution Priorities: Using top.
  27. Modify Process Execution Priorities: Using nice, renice and ps. :
  28. Search text files using regular expressions. :
  29. Perform basic file editing operations using vi. :
  30. Create and change hard and symbolic links. :
  31. Find system files and place files in the correct location.

Exam 102 LPIC-1 Part 2

  1. Customize and use the shell environment. :
  2. Customize or write simple scripts. :
  3. SQL Data Management. :
  4. Install and configure the X server. :
  5. Setup a display manager. :
  6. Accessibility Features. :
  7. Manage user and group accounts and related system files. :
  8. Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs. :
  9. Localisation and internationalisation. :
  10. Maintain system time. :
  11. System logging. :
  12. Mail transfer agents (MTA) basics. :
  13. Manage printers and printing. :
  14. Fundamentals of Internet protocols. :
  15. Basic Network Configuration. :
  16. Configure client side DNS. :
  17. Perform security administration tasks. :
  18. Setup host security. :
  19. Securing data with encryptionClick to Access:


For a true learning management system that is able to maintain your progress as your work though the LPIC-1 certification, you may prefer Pluralsight. A subscription based service that for a monthly fee gives you access to over 5000 courses. All without having to enter a contract.

Exam 101 Part 1 UrbanPenguin Video course on Pluralsight:

Exam 101 Part 2 UrbanPenguin Video course on Pluralsight:

Exam 102 Part 1 UrbanPenguin Video course on Pluralsight:

Exam 102 Part 2 UrbanPenguin Video course on Pluralsight: