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Complete Linux Essentials Certification from The Urban Penguin

If you are serious about making your start in understanding and working with Linux then this is the course to jump start your career. With over 8 hours a demonstrations, lectures and quizzes you give yourself the best opportunity to learn Linux and learn quickly.


Complete Linux EssentialsThe Linux Essentials certification from the LPI, (Linux Professional Institute), is recognized worldwide and certifies you with the base level of Linux knowledge that is required professionally. You may use this to make that career change or just validate your own knowledge and skills.

You will learn to work with Linux and popular open source software such as LibreOffice and GIMP. Not only that you will begin to understand how to write scripts and even compile simple C programs. As the develop your skills working through the complete Linux Essentials course you will progress to master the command line and BASH shell. No matter if your are using Linux in the home or the office this course will get you started.


Studying at your pace and  from your own computer you can start today by clicking here.