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Live Online Training From TheUrbanPenguin

We are an authorised LPI Training partner and we offer live online training as an alternative to traditional classroom based training. We also create Linux training courses for Pluralsight.

Linux Training From Pluralsight and TheUrbanPenguin

If you are interested in more than just Linux training and training that is more organised Pluralsight may be the answer. I also author and create exciting video course content for, the courses I write are on Linux but this is just a small amount of the many hundreds of courses that exist for your subscription. The fees start at $35 per month and allow access to all courses, this allows off-line access, great to study on the commute to work.

You can find my author page on Pluralsight here. This lists all of the courses I have done for them, we love to hear your feedback too so tell us what you think on social media!

Linux Professional Institute Certification LPIC-1 Exam 117-101

Linux Installation and Initial Configuration

This course will help you see how much you can enjoy system administration, and how there is a life outside of your current role. Linux is prevalent, it is at the heart of “the cloud” and is hosting companies both big and small. In a recent survey, 93-percent of employers suggested that they plan to hire a Linux professional. This course is designed to get you up and running with Linux starting with the install, and passing through to basic management such as installing software and managing the file system. Being able to see these tasks completed in different Linux flavors will help you understand which Linux distribution is best for you, and prepare you for the vendor neutral certification for the LPI (Linux Professional Institute). This is an administration course, so basic concepts of system administration are expected, but prior knowledge of Linux or Unix systems is not required. We at Pluralsight would like you to again understand the enjoyment that system administration once gave you.

Linux Command Line (CLI) Fundamentals

Mastering the command line is so important when it comes to managing the Linux Server. Very often there will be no GUI and all access is via SSH from PuTTY or another client. You will soon learn the speed at which tasks can be achieved from the CLI and why it is so powerful. You may be used to the up arrow key for your Windows history, but the Linux history is so much more. Searching and reading from files is quick and easy, and many tools will be covered giving you the skills you need to manage your servers and desktops

Linux Professional Institute Certification LPIC-1 Exam 117-102

Linux System Administration Fundamentals

With this course being the first of two courses preparing your for the 117-102 exam we look at shell scripting and log in scripts. Really useful tools that you can make use of straight away. Before we venture into managing the X Server and understanding the Linux locale. Throw into the mix a little user and group management and you are will on your way to be a Linux Professional

Linux Networking, Service Management, and Security Fundamentals

This course finalizes your preparation for Linux administration by covering many areas of immense importance: MySQL, NTP, Mail. SSH, Printing, Networking, Encryption and Security. Understanding these areas of administration will help you truly manage your systems

LPIC-2 117-201

The objectives for this exam, 117-201 are as follows:

  • 200 Capacity Planning
  • 201 Linux Kernel
  • 202 System Startup
  • 203 Filesystem and Devices
  • 204 Advanced Storage Device Administration
  • 205 Network Configuration
  • 206 System Maintenance

The following link to my Pluralsight Courses for this exam:

Linux Monitoring and Maintenance

Linux Kernel And Startup

Linux Advance Filesystem Tools

LPIC-2 117-202

The objectives for this exam are as follows:

  • 207 DNS
  • 208 Web Services
  • 209 File Sharing
  • 210 Network Client Management
  • 211 EMail
  • 212 System Security

LPIC-1 101-400

The main objectives for this exam are as follows

  • 101 System Architecture
  • 102 Linux Installation and Package Management
  • 103 GNU and Unix Commands
  • 104 Devices and Filesystems

You can find these objectives through this site or as collective course on Pluralsight.

LPIC-1 102-400

The main objectives for this exam are as follows

  • 105 Shells, Scripting and Data Management
  • 106 Interfaces and Desktops
  • 107 Administrative Tasks
  • 108 Essential Services
  • 109 Networking
  • 110 Security

You can find these objectives through this site or as collective course on Pluralsight.