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LPIC-2 Certified Linux EngineerThe LPIC-2 level 2 certification is now formally called the Certified Linux Engineer updating from the previous Advanced Level certification. Gaining this certification you must already hold a current LPIC-1 certification and additionally, pass the 201-400 and 202-400 exams. Like most worthwhile certification’s, this is not for the faint-hearted . Once gained, though, you do set yourself above the crowd. The exams were last updated in November 2013 but are due to be updated again in January 2017. The order in which you take the exams does not matter for the LPIC-2 Certified Linux Engineer.

Exam 1 201-450

Exam 2 202-450


Pluralsight Courses

I will keep the courses updated here but I also write courses for Pluralsight. These courses are presented within a Learning Management Systems making it very easy to resume a course from the last viewed point. There is also a consistency in the courses and the lab machines making it easier to follow along. The following courses are hosted on Monthly subscriptions are available to access their complete course library for just $29USD.

Exam 201-450

Exam 202-450