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nftables masterclass

Nftables Masterclass: In this 4 hour Nftables Masterclass, TheUrbanPenguin, Andrew Mallett will guide you through the new firewall module that you will find in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Nftables was part of the Linux kernel 3.13 release in 2014 and aggregates management of IP, IP6 and bridging rules into the single tool nft.

Nftables is the new Iptables: During the nftables masterclass you will build the skills required to build native nftables firewalls using nft. You will be able to persist the rules by adding them to the required configuration used by the nftables systemd service unit. Although firewalld can be used to manage nftables the emphasis is on native firewalls control where you are in change and not firewalld. It is your network and it is done your way.

The main objective is to ensure that you can configure your host firewall using nftables natively on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Breaking that down you will:

  • Disable firewalld / ufw
  • Install nftables on Ubuntu
  • Create tables
  • Create chains with policies
  • Add rules
  • Delete rules
  • Insert rules
  • Load rules from files
  • Persist settings after a reboot
  • Port Knocking

Manuals and lab systems are provided for the course and included in the £29.00 fee, you just need SSH access to the lab systems.


1st February 10AM – 2PM GMT

1st February 3PM – 7 PM GMT