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Welcome to these pages from TheUrbanPenguin we can provide both free training via these videos and, if you prefer to work direct with the penguin, then we can offer online training at a reasonable cost. You of course may choose a little of both; either way you know you are gaining the training without the overheads of having to be away from home or work. The training happens at a device close to you.

These pages can help you with both practical use of Citrix products as well as meeting certification requirements

Instructor-led and free video based Linux Training

Citrix CCA XenApp 6.5 1Y0-A20

If you are looking to make your start with Citrix XenApp 6.5 certification then I am sure you will find the pages useful and setting on the right track. You may also be interested in my XenApp 6.5 book from Packt Publishing: Click here to view the book the publishers web site Citrix have seen producing remote access solutions since the 1990’s and XenApp 6.5 is well established now. Many enterprise and smaller companies make use of the technology and the certification is respected throughout the industry. The Urban Penguin does not just know Linux he is Citrix Certified too.

The exam can be set at any Pearson Vue testing Center and has the exam number of 1Y0-A20. It is multiple choice. The passing scrore is 61%. You will be given 90 minutes for the exam to answer 68 questions.

Lesson # Description Click to Access
1 Licensing XenApp 6.5 Click to Access
2 Installing the First XenApp 6.5 server Click to Access
3 Adding a Second XenApp server Click to Access
4 ZDC Elections Click to Access
5 Managing the XenApp farm with AppCenter & PowerShell Click to Access
6 Creating Worker Groups Click to Access
7 Enabling Configuration Logging Click to Access
8 Enabling IMA Encryption in XenApp 6.5 Click to Access
9 Installing the Web Interface Server 5.4 Click to Access
9a Web Interface Communications Click to Access
10 Using pass-through authentication on the services site Click to Access
11 Configuring and backing up Web Interface Sites Click to Access
12 Publishing Applications and Session Pre-Launch Click to Access
13 Application properties and publishing content and desktops Click to Access
14 Streaming applications and the offline plug-in Click to Access
15 Group Policy Management Click to Access
16 Load Balancing Click to Access
16a Using LBDIAG with XenApp 6.0 and 6.5 Click to Access
17 Xen and the gentle art of printing Click to Access
18 Secure remote access with the Citrix Access Gateway Click to Access