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Welcome to these, the Linux Professional Institute or LPI, pages from TheurbanPenguin. We are an Approved LPI Training Partner and can provide both free training via these videos and, if you prefer to work direct with the penguin, then we can offer online training at a reasonable cost. You of course may choose a little of both; either way you know you are gaining the training without the overheads of having to be away from home or work. The training happens at a device close to you.

The LPI courses represent a distribution agnostic approach and aim to equip you with being able to manage Linux not just a single distribution. Much like in driving a car you do not have to learn to drive a particular model or make. The LPI and TheUrbanPenguin are both committed to the promotion of Linux through greater awareness and learning whilst maintaining the ethos of community and sharing. The video learning is free and supported through extensive notes on the associated pages. The online training costs to you are kept to as low as possible whilst maintaining small class sizes so you can really participate in the class; access to labs and PDF manuals are supplied.

Being well acquainted and qualified in many Linux distributions and Unix systems Andrew is more than capable of explaining the differences and getting you up to speed with managing all flavours of Linux.

Description Click to Access
suse-logo Learning SUSE Click to Access
 ubuntu-orange Learning Ubuntu Click to Access
 redhat-svg Red Hat and CentOS Training Click to Access
 solaris-logo  Solaris 11 OCA 1ZO-821 Click to Access