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Welcome to these scripting pages from TheUrbanPenguin we can provide both free training via these videos and, if you prefer to work direct with the penguin, then we can offer online training at a reasonable cost. You of course may choose a little of both; either way you know you are gaining the training without the overheads of having to be away from home or work. The training happens at a device close to you.

In these pages we look at BASH shell scripting that you may use on Solaris, Linux or MAC OSX systems, a little PowerShell for the Windows and Citrix gurus amongst you and a little python and perl thrown in the mix for good measure.

Description Click to Access
 linux C Programming in Linux Click to Access
 java-7-logo General Java Tutorials Click to Access
 java-7-logo Java 7 OCA Exam 1ZO-803 Click to Access
 pearl PERL Scripting in Linux Click to Access
 1000px-ruby_logo-svg Ruby Scripting in Linux Click to Access
 powershell Scripting with PowerShell Click to Access
 bash-new-sh Shell Scripting with BASH Click to Access