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java-7-logoWelcome to this series of tutorials preparing you for the JAVA 7 fundamentals exam the OCA in Java 7 Programming, 1ZO-803. For those starting in Java this is a great starting point to demonstrate your skills. The lessons below are listed in the order of the exam objectives.

Lesson # Description Click to Access
Topic 1 Java Basics
1.1 Defining Variable Scope Click to Access
1.2 Defining the structure of a Java Class file Click to Access
1.3 Create executable Java applications with a main method Click to Access
1.4 Import Java packages to make them accessible in your code Click to Access
Topic 2 Working With Java Data Types
2.1 Declare and initiate variables Click to Access
2.2 Differentiate between primitive and reference variables Click to Access
2.3 Read and Write to Fields Click to Access
2.4 An Object Life-Cycle : Instantiation : De-Reference : Garbage Colection Click to Access
2.5 Calling Object methods Click to Access
2.6 Manipulate data with StringBuilder Click to Access
2.7 Creating and manipulating Strings Click to Access
Topic 3 Using Operators and Decision Constructs
3.2 Use parenthesis to override operator precedence Click to Access
Topic 6 Working with Methods and Encapsulation
6.5 Create and overload constructors Click to Access
6.6 Access Modifiers Click to Access