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pearlWelcome to this mini-series of video tutorials where we take a look at the Linux Scripting favourite, PERL. The Practical Extracting and Reporting Language. Mainly we will look at PERL on Linux but this can be run on UNIX, MAC OS X and Windows Systems. This a great choice, as a scripting language, for many newbies as it is powerful, but also can be very simple with correct options. You will find most if not all Linux distros come with PERL installed as does OS X. If you are using Windows then it can be installed.

Make you start to this series today and you will soon have JAPH, Just another PERL Hacker added after your name:


Installing PERL in Windows and running within Notepad++

Validating UK Postcodes using PERL

Creating a service with PERL working with named pipes

Simple PERL Invocation Options

Running commands remotely using PERL Net::OpenSSH