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1000px-ruby_logo-svgWelcome to this mini-series of video tutorials where we take a look at the scripting newbie on the block, relatively speaking, and dive into the popular world of Ruby. Ruby dates back to 2004 and was developed as a more intuitive programming language than other that were available. Many colleges and universities are now teaching Ruby as their first language. Ruby is an interpreted language but JRuby and Rubinius do have complilers for Ruby so it can be interpreted or compiled.

Lesson # Description Click to Access
1 Installing RUBY and “Hello World” Click to Access
2 UPCASE, DOWNCASE, CAPITALIZE It is all about case Click to Access
3 Gathering user input with RUBY command line scripts Click to Access
4 Conditional statements using UNLESS Click to Access
5 Check and process all ARGV entries passed to your script Click to Access
6 Decimal to Binary IP Address convertor : Using sprintf Click to Access
7 Defining your own METHODS with Ruby Click to Access
8 Obscuring password input with Ruby and noecho Click to Access
9 Creating loops with upto Click to Access
10 Creating Linux users and passwords with Ruby Click to Access
11 Learning by Numbers : Integers and Floats Click to Access