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selinux masterclass

SELinux Masterclass

This 4 hour SELinux masterclass concentrates on what you need to know to secure your systems with the Mandatory Access Control System from the NSA and Red Hat. Working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you will learn to appreciate the importance of SELinux and the difference in operational modes. As well as applying security you will learn to fault-find SELinux with the Linux Audit System.

This course is taught my Andrew mallett, The Urban Penguin himself. So you already know the instructor and who will be teaching the course. You are guaranteed a learning experience that you know and understand. The skills of the instructor are laid out before you in the 100+ videos on Youtube and the 30+ courses on Pluralsight. Attending the live instructor-led training for Andrew you will learn the following topics and get to practice on the provided lab systems:

Overview of topics

  • SELinux Modes
  • Using auto-relabel
  • SELinux users
  • SELinux ports
  • SELinux file contexts
  • SELinux booleans
  • Fault finding SELinux
  • Building your own module

We provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 systems for you along with the manual. You need an SSH client to connect to the lab system.

Price : £29.00


Register: 21 January 2020