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5 Million Views on YouTube

By October 3, 2016September 12th, 2022No Comments

Over 5 Million Views on YouTube

5 million viewsWith over 5 million views now on my YouTube channel, I feel that I am getting somewhere and the content I create is worthwhile. With these views though the only way forward is to know it is your view that made the difference and I thank YOU heartedly. Without you taking the time to visit the channel and post your feedback I wouldn’t have and audience and I wouldn’t know what to post. Your comments, both good and bad, keep me on track and know that there is an audience who cares.

The only view that matters is yours!

The channel started in 2009 and one of my earliest videos is still one of the most viewed. I guess you have seen it, perhaps 71,000 times.  OpenLDAP and Directory Services are still a major influence in my life and other Linux Administrators. I have moved on from working at a training organization and now, thanks to your support, work for myself from home in the UK. I have authored 5 books for PACKT and have 21 courses currently on Pluralsight. YouTube and  your support have given me these opportunities and every click you have made has helped promote the work I do. The initial purpose was to help my classroom teaching being able to have demonstrations on hand when I need them.  I know though it could develop into more. It is your views that have kept me going and have created The Urban Penguin.


YouTube is a shop window to your skills you have nothing to loose in setting up your channel and sharing anything that for which you are truly passionate. You too, have something inside to share with the world. I hope to be sharing your success soon.

LDAP – Where it All began in December 2009