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A20 Lesson 11 Configuring and backing up Web Interface Sites

By October 2, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

Most of the Citrix Web Interface sites configuration is within the webinterface.conf. This is found in the site’s conf directory:


Changes to the site can be directly to file or more commonly via the MMC installed with the Web Interface server. There are some settings though that can only be made in the file, notable the client paths for download and the desktop viewer configuration for XenDesktop. However, no matter how you make the change, either in the MMC or the file , there is no need to restart the IIS web server.

The webinterface.conf can be used to replicate setting across many web interface servers. You may have a load balancing service such as the NetScaler that can connect to many web servers, all these servers will need to be identical. You can understand that replicating the webinterface.conf is the way to go