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A20 XenApp CCA

A20 Lesson 14 Streaming applications and the offline plug-in

By October 2, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

We can stream applications to our Windows desktops and servers, those desktops and servers just need the resources locally to run the application and have the offline plugin installed. If we stream to the user’s desktop then the resources are being used on the local machine to the user not on our XenApp servers; resulting in a greater density of users being able to run hosted applications.

If we choose to stram to the xenApp servers then the applications do not need to be installed on the XenApp servers and are streamed as required. Either way, streamed to the users or to servers we have centralized application management. In this video we will see how we can create application profiles so that we can use streamed applications in our XenApp 6.5 environment