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The Complete Guide to LVM in Linux

By September 12, 2017September 12th, 2022No Comments

LVM AdministrationThe complete administrative guide to LVM in Linux PDF is now available for you to enjoy. Looking at the latest LVM2 this guide consists of over 50 pages of explanations and exercises to you can become and expert in LVM. I have created this PDF to be a complete and though administration handbook, ensuring that we cover all that you will need to know about LVM in Linux. We work exclusively at the command line so you should be comfortable at the Linux CLI and have administrative access to the test system to work with. We work through the examples on Ubuntu 16.04 but can be used with any current Linux distribution. The topic include details steps on how to manage LVM including

  • Install LVM if required and start the metadata service
  • Configure simple LVM volumes
  • Extend volumes with data online
  • Create Point in time data snapshots
  • Restore from snapshots
  • Create Thin Pools and Volumes
  • Stripe data for performance
  • Mirror volumes for redundancy
  • Move data online to after hardware
  • Restore previous volume group configurations

You can download the Table of Contents and overview from here.

Once you have studied this book you will be clear and all aspects of managing LVM in Linux. Starting with the basics of simple Logical volumes we make it easy for anyone to make headway with the guide. If you are already familiar with the basics then you may want to move directly to snapshotting, or striping volumes.

Follow the link below to download the Complete Guide to LVM2 in Linux, costing just £1.99! Once it is downloaded the eBook can be printed out if required.

Download eBook

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