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Configuring NTP and DNS entries on Citrix NetScaler 10

By June 13, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

As party of the initial configuration of NetScaler 10 we add the main management Ip or what is known as the NetScaler IP Address to the device.  Continuing on though we will add infrastructure services such as NTP and DNS. The time server entries are easy and require no further configuration however, as we will see with DNS we will need a Mapped IP or MIP to access the back end service.


add ntp server
enable ntp sync
show ntp server
show ntp status


add dns nameServer
add dns suffix example.local
sh dns nameServer
sh dns suffix

As we review the output from  show dns nameserver , the record has been created but the link shows as down although we are on the same network.

As we can cache DNS records on NetScaler we need a MIP to access the backend service.

To enable the Mapped IP address

add ns ip -type MIP
sh ns ip
save ns config

Now when we revbiew the output the DNS server is shown as UP

To access backend services that can be used by clients we need Mapped IP Addresses. The time server entries are used only by NetScaler but we can proxy DNS services so we have to use a MIP to access the back end DNS Servies. From this we can see it is normal t have the NetScaler IP and MIP for each Netscaler as a minimum.