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Installing MySQL 5.1 on openSUSE

By October 3, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

In this tutorial we take a quick run through MySQL installing it on openSUSE but the platform really could be anything. Using openSUSE we can use zypper to implement the install:

zypper -n in mysql mysql-administration mysql-client mysql-query-browser mysql-gui-tools

As we are running on a graphical system I am choosing to install both the command line and GUI tools for the client. If I only wanted the server the the mysql package would be enough.

Once installed we can use the script mysql_secure_installation to , well , secure the mysql installation. The steps it will run through

  • set root password
  • remove anonymous accounts
  • disable remote root access
  • remove the test database

You are prompted through the wizard but you can of course not choose to implement those settings that you want to keep.

With this completed we can see how to connect to the server from the command line and GUI tools. From the command line we see that we can script SQL commands

mysql -u root -pPassword -e "use mysql; select user from user;"

I hope this gives you are start with MySQL