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Learning Linux for 2019

By January 16, 2019September 12th, 2022No Comments
Learning Linux

You too can learn the benefit of using Linux as your localhost, whether for your Desktop or Server. No matter what you choose TheUrbanPenguin is here to support your learning. Make 2019 your year for Learning Linux.

The starting point is to install Linux. We have many blogs and videos that can help you with this. Here is an example of installing Ubuntu 16.04 Server. Additionally, we have many more examples of Installing Arch or openSUSE or CentOS.

If you don’t want to install Linux you may want to make use of the Raspberry Pi. With the Pi you download and image and copy it to an SDCard. You can then boot the system. You can view a tutorial here. The Raspberry Pi has been revolutionary in getting people involved in Linux. A credit card sized computer that can be purchased for £30 pounds or so.

Another option is to use Linux in the cloud. Providers such as AWS can offer free instances for a year. In this way you start learning Linux without the expense of additional hardware or having to install the OS .

So WHY LEARN LINUX? Learning Linux in 2019 can help you gain a career in software development, system administration or as an operator. You may also just want to learn as a hobby, and new skill to add to your toolset. Some distributions charge for support but Linux itself is free. This means that it is used all over the place from your home router, to appliances used in many enterprises. Without the need to purchase licenses Linux becomes the de facto operating system used by hardware vendors needing to supply appliances to many industries. From a software development perspective Linux will come with the languages that you want to learn: C, C++, Python, Java, Go, Perl, Ruby, PHP and many others. For a good start in Linux take a look at my Linux Essentials tutorials here.