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Learning Shell Scripting with ZSH

By February 23, 2014September 12th, 2022No Comments

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The above book is available from Packt Publishing and authored by Gaston Festari. If you are using Linux or Mac and want a little more power from your shell then this book and the ZSH is going to be the answer. I have been reading this book over the last month whilst working on a number of other projects; however this has been an easy read I have have been able to dip and dip out without having to recap over pages that I have forgotten.

Learning Shell Scripting with ZSH

The ZSH really does speed up you work at the command line and Gaston is able to quickly bring the features that you need quickly to your attention.

  • customizing your prompt
  • global aliases
  • the ZLE (Line Editor)
  • and the many wonders of table completion in ZSH

Don’t be put off by the term scripting, this is much more interactive use of the command line than creating scripts with ZSH, many of the advanced features that ZSH offer will only benefit from the interactive use and not within scripts. This is a great book for those wanting to pimp up and power u their command line.