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LPI Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials – What is the Certification

By January 4, 2021September 12th, 2022No Comments

Why Linux Essentials

Over the last few years, I have been writing many free video tutorials for learning Linux. In the main, these tutorials have been aimed at existing system administrators and whilst they may be new to Linux they will be versed in IT management tasks. But, of course, Linux is not just for seasoned administrators and certainly not only for administrators. There are many people that can benefit from what the Operating System has to offer in all areas. This includes system administration folk wishing to get to grips with Linux as well as those non-administrators. Users who need to know what Linux can offer, educators wanting to be able to teach on non-commercial Operating Systems, developers wanting to create new and innovative programs and those looking for careers in the DevOps market, that half-way house between administrators and developers.

The LPI has introduced the Linux Essentials certification aiming it at young people through schools and colleges, and academics as well as those just wanting to make a start in Linux. In 2021 the version of the exam is 1.6 and carries the exam code of 010-160

Making Linux Certification Open to All

Certainly having the mindset to involve young people and their teachers will help. For too long education in the UK has focused on paid software and not on free and open software. By involving the education sector in Linux and Open Source Software, OSS the greater the attention Linux will gain. The more secondary and college tutors that have an understanding of Linux then the more Linux will naturally be taught within schools and used after education. This is important when you consider that Linux is FREE and the Operating System and software applications used in schools and Universities should not be tied to a price tag. It is the cost and freedom to manage the software the way you want that is important. We want a generation growing up with the understanding of how the software works and how collaboration empowers.

Free Training From TheUrbanPenguin

During this course, we will follow the key objectives of the exam. This will involve investigating Linux both from a  simple administration and usage perspectives. The Linux Essentials exam is a recommendation, and not required for pre-requisite for training in the LPIC professional program. Exams are delivered in schools and training centers around the world. To locate the center nearest you, please contact your local LPI Affiliate or website.

In order to pass the exam and gain the Certificate of Achievement in Linux Essentials, you should be able to demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the basic concepts of processes, programs and the components of an Operating System.
  • Having a basic knowledge of computer hardware.
  • A knowledge of Open Source Applications such as OpenOffice/Libre Office in the Workplace as they relate to Closed Source or proprietary equivalents from other software vendors.
  • An understanding of navigation systems on a Linux Desktop and what tools can be used to locate help.
  • Basic skills of using a command line interface.
  • The skills needed to use basic functions in command line text editors such as vim or nano.
  • Understand where Linux can be found such as in Cloud Computing, Smart Phones, Raspberry Pi and well as traditional computers