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LPIC-1 Exam 102

LPIC-1 102 107.2 Scheduling tasks in Linux with at and cron

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  • Weight: 4
  • Description: Candidates should be able to use cron or anacron to run jobs at regular intervals and to use at to run jobs at a specific time.

Key Knowledge Areas

  • Manage cron and at jobs.
  • Configure user access to cron and at services.

Terms and Utilities

  • /etc/cron
  • /etc/at.deny
  • /etc/at.allow
  • /etc/crontab
  • /etc/cron.allow
  • /etc/cron.deny
  • /var/spool/cron/*
  • crontab
  • at
  • atq
  • atrm

In the first video will look at scheduling the once-off job with at; in the second we will use cron to schedule regular tasks.

And now for a little cron…