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LPIC-2 Exam 202

LPIC-2 208.1 Basic Apache configuration

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Weight 4
Description Candidates should be able to install and configure a web server. This objective includes monitoring the server’s load and performance, restricting client user access, configuring support for scripting languages as modules and setting up client user authentication. Also included is configuring server options to restrict usage of resources. Candidates should be able to configure a web server to use virtual hosts and customise file access.

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Apache 2.x configuration files, terms and utilities
  • Apache log files configuration and content
  • Access restriction methods and files
  • mod_perl and PHP configuration
  • Client user authentication files and utilities
  • Configuration of maximum requests, minimum and maximum servers and clients
  • Apache 2.x virtual host implementation (with and without dedicated IP addresses)
  • Using redirect statements in Apache’s configuration files to customise file access

The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

  • access logs and error logs
  • .htaccess
  • httpd.conf
  • mod_auth
  • htpasswd
  • AuthUserFile, AuthGroupFile
  • apache2ctl
  • httpd