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Video Man Pages

mkdir — Video Man Page

By April 11, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

Another commonly used command in Linux is mkdir. I often find that people are surprised that the -m option is there and do not know you can create the directory and set the permissions in one. Much of the reason for creating these video man pages is to help the accessibility of Linux and we all can be a little unwilling to read the manual:

  • -v : provides positive feedback that the directory as created
  • -m : Sets the permissions of the directory. Don’t forget the sticky bit that ensures users can delete only the files they own and the group ID bit when set on a directory can control file group ownership.
  • -p : creates the parent directory if required
  • -Z : set the SELinux context

As well as looking at the command we will look around the command as is required to demo the program. So we will look at ls and alias in this video to accompany mkdir.