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Peterborough United Associate Partnership

By September 24, 2021September 12th, 2022No Comments
Peterborough United

Peterborough United are our local football club where we are just a mile and a half from the London Road Stadium. We are absolutely proud and happy to announce our further support of the club having signed up for a 3 year associate partnership.

You will be able to see us through inground advertising and I am really excited by the Pitch Side LED screens. We already have a table in the Club 75 restaurant, so keep on touch we may invite you there. We have been to each home game this season so far and hope that it will continue that way.

In the UK and especially within England, football is a grassroots sports that is at the heart of the community.The community spirit that a local club can develop is so tangible and have been noticeable more so since the pandemic. Communities need support from local businesses and one of the best vehicles of that is through the local football team. Being part of Peterborough United Football club and the local community makes me really happy.

Being not only an avid supporter of Peterborough United we are have always been a supportive of Open Source Software and the democratization of learning. Linux is the future and the future of Peterborough United is golden.