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PowerShellXenApp 6.5

PowerShell getting to know Get-Command

By September 30, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

If you are using Windows and maybe XenApp and thinking about using PowerShell then here is a little starter for you.  Looking at the cmd-let Get-Command we can lit available commands and drill down using -noun -verb and -module. We will look at XenApp cmd-lets but the same works for any module or set of commands.

Ok so we know to load the snapin:

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

We can list all available Powershell cmd-lets with


But the list is very long and not so helpful

Get-Command -Module Citrix.Common,Commands

Now that should be a little easier on the eye. But it all goes just too much again when we try :

Get-Command -Module Citrix.XenApp,Commands

So we need to get back to first grade and remember verbs and nouns ( doing words and names 🙂 )

Get-Command -Module Citrix.XenApp,Commands -Verb New
Get-Command -Module Citrix.XenApp,Commands -Noun XAApplication

Now tell me your not impressed!!!