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stat — Video man Page

By April 16, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

The command stat is probably not one of the most well known commands in Linux but as with all of these video man pages , I deal with useful commands. There is lots that you can use stat for, used on its own just referencing a file it will display all the stats it can: owner, permissions, access times etc. Used with the -f option it will display information about the file-system that hosts that file.

If you are learning permissions you can display permissions both in human readable format stat -c%A and octal, stat -c%a <filename>.

It is very easy here to show the difference between the last modify date ( -c%y) for a file and the last change date(-c%z). The last modify time is when the file itself was changed and the last change time is when the inode or entry in the file-system was changed.This would be permissions or ownership etc. I think the video will be of interest.