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SUSE Lesson 13 RPM Software Management

By October 2, 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

Software management may be achieved as we have seen with specific tools such as zypper, underlying though on most Linux distributions is the RPM system, Red Hat Package Manager. In many ways MSI files and msiexec in Windows is based upon this tool that essentially maintains a database of all software on the machine.

To install software : rpm -i “name of rpm”
To install with progress : rpm -ih “name of rpm”
To remove software : rpm -e “name of package”
To list files in package : rpm -ql “name of package”
To see owning package to file : rpm -qf “name of file”
The RPM commands give you the most felxibility in software management and also will make their way into LPI exams as is their importance