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Training Tasters with Linux Format

By September 3, 2015September 12th, 2022No Comments

Linux Format Host Videos From TheUrbanPenguin

Linux Format Publishes theurbanpenguin Videos

If you want a little taster of my training style then you will find my work on YouTube where we have over 800 videos and the home of the penguin since 2009. This month Linux Format magazine has commissioned 16 videos to be included in LXF202, the September 2015 issue.

The videos are based on Ubuntu 15.04 and include tutorials on

  • End User
    • LibreOffice, calc, writer and impress
    • Chrome and Firefox
    • Installing Ubuntu
  • Developer
    • Using vim
    • GoogleGo
    • Python
    • Perl
  • Administrator
    • Systemd
    • ufw
    • apt

In this way you can taste my teaching style and have the videos at home to keep.

TheUrbanPenguin is your comprehensive provider for professional Linux software development, training and services.  Every day decision makers are barraged with information on Windows vs. Open Source.  Making a decision on which platform to bet your business on is a critical decision and significant investment.  We offer industry-leading cost-effective business solutions using the Linux platform.  World-renown Linux expert, Andrew Mallett, believes in the Open Source platform.  Let The Urban Penguin help you make the best decisions for your software development and business needs.