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Ubuntu Animals : Feisty Fawn

By April 2, 2014September 12th, 2022No Comments

fawnsieThis little angel was the version number 7.04. You can get the year and month of the release from all Ubuntu versions, so this was 2007 and April. The release month is always April or October, 04 or 10. The kernel in use for Feisty when it shipped was 2.6.20.  Ubuntu turns 10 this years and the 20th release is imminent this month. So lets celebrate the alliteration that is Ubuntu.

To install fiesty we use the live desktop so we load Feisty into RAM and can test before installing.

splashOnce installed we can check that very little RAM is used or needed so can be used on a machines with 512MB RAM . uname -r will confirm the kernel verios and  we can use lsb_release to display information about the young deer.