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Using Raspberry Pi GIMP

By May 8, 2014September 12th, 2022No Comments

Raspberry Pi GimpNo, I am not mad and this is REAL. We show how you can create your own logo or manipulate images within the GIMP package on the £20 PC that is the Raspberry Pi Model B. Of course you can now get the RPi 3 with 1 GB RAM which would be better. That said, you know that visiting the local PC store you will not be able to leave without having spent  maybe £250. Then you still have to buy Photoshop or something similar. The LPI Linux Essentials introduces the advantages that a £20 computer a free Open Source Software, GIMP has to offer.

Linux Essentials and Raspberry Pi Gimp

The LPI Linux essentials certification does requires you to know what common Open Source Applications are available and how these can be used in replacement of standard packages that may be used commercially. GIMP is a popular image manipulation tools that you can use for photo editing or simple image creation.

Installing the Raspberry Pi GIMP

Installing GIMP on the Raspberry Pi is simple we show you how from the command line;

sudo apt-get install gimp

With GIMP installed we can then use the manage photos are as we see n the videos we can create a simple logo. The skills you have as a graphic designer dictate what you can do with the product and those with artistic flair will soon be creating stunning content with Raspberry Pi Gimp.

The first video look at GIMP on the Pi and then we look at creating a boot splash image for the GRUB boot loader with GIMP.