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why nftablesRH134

Why nftables

You may be thinking, "Why nftables". In this blog we hope to go some way in answering that question. If nothing else you how to build a very simple firewall with iptables, ip6tables and then…
The Urban Penguin
January 4, 2020

VDO Data Optimizer

RHCSA 8 Study Guide The VDO Data Optimizer was one of those features that was first shown in RHEL 7.5 as was the Web Interface Cockpit. This does mean that you can test VDO for…
The Urban Penguin
December 30, 2019
Stratis Storage ManagementRH134

Stratis Storage Management

RHCSA 8 Study Guide In this blog we dive into Stratis storage  management, brand new in RHEL 8.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux is built on a foundation on solid reliability, and storage is just as…
The Urban Penguin
December 29, 2019
Using nftables in centOS 8RH134

Using nftables in CentOS 8

RHCSA 8 Study Guide Using  nftables in CentOS 8 is the lesson we look at today.The default backend firewall module used by the Linux kernel 4.18 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and CentOS 8…
The Urban Penguin
December 25, 2019
scheduling tasks with atRH134

Scheduling Tasks with at

RHCSA 8 Study Guide Scheduling Tasks with at is one way we can defer user jobs. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 we can defer jobs to run at later times using cron, systemd or…
The Urban Penguin
December 20, 2019
scheduling jobs using cronRH134

Scheduling Jobs Using Cron

RHCSA 8 Study Guide For many years Linux administrators have relied on scheduling jobs using cron. The main system configuration file for the crond is /etc/crontab but we also have the extension directory, /etc/cron.d and…
The Urban Penguin
December 17, 2019